Our Pastor

Rev. Tim Hallett Jr., our Pastor here at Birch Street Baptist Church was born on July 3, 1975 in Rockford, IL to Rev. Tim Sr. and Joyce Hallett. His Dad, Preacher Hallett, was then pastoring the Bible Baptist Church in Belvidere, IL. In July of 1977, when Pastor was barely two years old, Preacher was called of the Lord to come to Eau Claire and pastor the Birch Street Baptist Church (formerly New Testament Baptist Church).

Pastor made a profession of faith at the early age of 6, but could never personally remember praying the sinner's prayer and inviting Christ into his heart. For about 15 years he doubted his salvation and wondered where he would spend eternity if he were to die. At the age of 21, during a Sunday morning revival service, while attending Berean Baptist Church in Galesville, WI, he went forward and invited Christ into his heart and asked his Lord and Saviour to forgive him of his sins. From that day since, he has never doubted his soul's salvation and he is 100% sure that if he were to die today he would go to Heaven. You can know this too by visiting our "be saved" page.

Pastor Hallett had served with Preacher Hallett for the last 10 years in various positions, including unofficially as the Assistant Pastor. He was ordained by the Birch Street Baptist Church on July 2, 2005 and at that time was appointed officially as the Assistant Pastor of Circh Street Baptist Church.

Pastor Hallett grew up in the Eau Claire area and has seen all the changes both physically and demographically that have taken place. One of the most recent and exciting changes has been the Highway 53 Bypass as exit 89 takes you to the front door of Birch Street Baptist Church.

Pastor married his wife Naomi on March 29, 2003. Naomi came to know the Lord at the young age of 4 after having questions about death and Heaven. Naomi also grew up in a pastor's home, and her dad is still pastoring to this day. Pastor and Mrs. Naomi have a total of 6 children. Titus, Thaddeus and Tobijah are in Heaven with Christ, and Timothy III, Chaunna, and Thomas are the children they have here on earth with number 7 on the way. They have all brought great joy into their everyday lives.

We look forward to you meeting our Pastor and his wife by you coming personally and visiting our church. We are located at 3120 Birch Street in Eau Claire, approximately 1/2 mile west of exit 89 off the NHighway 53 Bypass.