Our Missionaries

We support a number of missionaries or missionary projects both foreign and domestic. Most of them are listed below, but because of security reasons we cannot list all of them, as this would endager their lives and the ministry that God has given them. We pray for each of them on a daily basis and ask for God's protection to be upon them. There are missionaries that we, as of yet do not support financially, but we faithfully pray for each of them on a daily basis as well.

If you are a missionary looking to come to our church and present the ministry that God has given you, please feel free to contact us and speak with our Pastor. This, however, does not guarantee a meeting of any sort.

Our Missionaries:

- Africa, Kenya | Rick Simonsen

- Africa, Kenya | Larry Stringfield

- Africa, South Africa | Scott Kuzel

- Africa, Zambia | Lyle Yarnell, Retired

- Asia, Japan | David Carter

- Asia, India | Bruce Schwalbe

- Europe, Ireland | Gene McKinley

- Europe, Lithuania | Brian Johnson

- Europe, Romania | Brian Nibbe

- Europe, Spain | John Beck

- Europe, Ukraine | Mark Priem

- Europe, Ukraine | Jeff Christian

- South America, Brazil | Peter Doolittle

- Mexico | Garland Hamilton

- Mexico | Kelle Hein

- Mexico | Karen Nolen

- Mexico | Michael Weiss

- North America, Haiti | Bob Johnston

- United States | Christian Law Association

- United States | Ron Plott, Jewish Missions

- United States | Heartland Baptist Bible College, Oklahoma City, OK

- United States | Ken Stertz, Couriers For Christ

- United States | Mike Marshall, Military Chaplain

- United States | Jim Hoffman, Bearing Precious Seed

- United States | Kevin Raub, US Military

- United States, Nome, AK | John Mikulski

- United States, Kasson, MN | Pastor Darren Call, Central Baptist Church | Out of BSBC

- United States, Milwaukee, WI | Pastor Lawrence Cox, Palm Branch Baptist Church

- United States, Shell Lake, WI | North Woods Baptist Church | Out of BSBC

- United Sates, WI | Wisconsin Baptist Bible Fellowship

- United States, Weston, WI | Pastor Weng Liew, Weston Baptist Church | Out of BSBC